Company Profile

Company Name: ShowFlex International Inc.

Business Description: General travel arrangements, limousine/bus/vehicle arrangements, overall study abroad arrangements, media-related coordination, Japanese cuisine catering.

Location: Toronto Office

Add: 2340 Dundas St.West G-22,Toronto,Ontario,Canada M6P 4A9

Tel: (416) 977-6849  /  Fax : (416) 977-7250


TICO registration : No50015964

Location: Montreal Office

Add: 426 rue Guy,Montreal Quebec,Canada H3J 1S6

Tel: (514) 931-2742 /  Fax : (514) 931-2903


Established: 1982

President: Takeshi Sugawara

Licenses: TICO (Travel Industry Council of Ontario), Ontario Commercial Vehicle License, Quebec Commercial Vehicle License, Certified Guides for Niagara City, Montreal City, and Quebec City, Montreal City Food Hygiene License

Subsidiary Companies: Access Canada Study Abroad Center, Uncle Tetsu’s Cheesecake, Ichifuku Ramen, Obento CS

Key Achievements:

<Government and Business Related Limousine Coordination>

1995  G7 Halifax Summit (Japanese Government)

1997  Quadrilateral Ministerial Meeting (Government of Japan)

1997  Japan-Canada Economic Conference (Japanese companies)

1998  JCB Toronto World Congress (Japanese companies)

2004  Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado Miyake (Japanese Government)

2006  Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado Memorial Ceremony (Japanese Government)

2006  Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi visits Canada (Japanese government)

2009  Visit of His Majesty the Emperor (Japanese Government)

2010  G8 Huntsville Summit (Japanese Government)

2010  G20 Toronto Summit (Japanese Government)

2010  G8 Business Ottawa Summit (Keidanren)

2018  G7 Charlevoix Summit (Japanese Government)

2018  EU Women Foreign Ministers Meeting (Government of Japan)

2019  Sagamihara City Industrial Promotion Foundation (local government)

2022  COP15 (Japanese Government & Keidanren)

2013: Filming for Fuji TV’s “Wake-Up TV, Top of the World”

<Media-related Coordination>

2013: Interview for JAL Group’s in-flight magazine “Skyward”

2013: Filming for TV Japan’s “ZIP”

2014: Coverage for Diners Club member magazine “Signature” in Montreal

2015: Filming for Canada Tourism Bureau’s website “Canada Theater” in Montreal

2015: Coverage for CreaTraveler magazine in Montreal 2015: Filming for Nippon TV’s “Nep & Imoto’s World Ranking”

2015: Filming for TV Asahi’s “Amazing, Isn’t It?! Inspection Team”

2016: Filming for BS TWELLV’s “Twelve” in Montreal

2016: Coverage for Yomiuri Travel magazine in Montreal

2016: Filming for Kansai TV’s “Nijiiro Gene” in Montreal

2016: Interview for JAL in-flight magazine “Skyward” in Montreal

2016: Filming for BS Nippon TV’s “Travel and Be Happy” in Niagara

2016: Filming for BS12 in Niagara and Toronto

2017: Filming for NHK’s “Toronto & Niagara”

2017: Filming for “Nijiiro Gene” in Toronto

2017: Coverage for Winter Anime in Toronto and Niagara

2017: Coverage for “The Way to Travel” in Toronto

2018: Filming for TBS’s “Tonga, Lumina, Foresta Lumina”

2018: Coverage for Tokyo Shimbun in Montreal

2018: Coverage for UFJ NICOS magazine “Partner” in Montreal

2018: Filming for TBS’s Winter Olympics Mogul Gold Medalist Mikael Kingsbury

2019: TV filming for the 90th anniversary of Japan-Canada Diplomatic Relations, featuring Eri Murayama, the original author of “Hanako and Anne”

Successful coordination of various events and projects in the past